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Including digital assets in estate planning

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Estate Planning

Creating a strategy to preserve assets and wealth is a goal that many individuals may share, but this can also prove somewhat complex at times. Those who wish to take advantage of the tools available via the estate planning process may find it helpful to consider a variety of topics when creating a strategy that aligns with their needs. As many individuals in Minnesota may hold various types and amounts of digital assets, identifying these assets may be integral to protecting one’s interests by including them in estate planning goals. 

Identifying digital assets 

Those who wish to identify digital assets may find that these items can come in numerous forms. This could include anything from digital currencies to accounts on social media platforms. Online content such as blog pages and email accounts are also common types of digital assets and there may be many who have questions about their options to help protect and preserve such assets.  

Digital assets can also take the form of music or artwork collections and one may consider such items to be an integral part of life. Some individuals may also possess extensive virtual book libraries or have photo and video collections that are stored on cloud servers. Even benefits from airline and hotel loyalty programs may constitute digital assets. 

Protecting digital assets 

Identifying digital assets may only be the first step to protecting one’s interests and some may have questions about how to include these assets in estate planning goals. Individuals in Minnesota who wish to know more about what this process might have to offer could consider speaking with an experienced attorney for guidance on all their available options. An attorney can address all a client’s questions and goals and help prepare to develop a plan that meets his or her preferences for the future.