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Exploring estate planning options after becoming a grandparent

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2023 | Estate Planning

Many parents may feel that taking steps to protect and provide for their children is an integral aspect of life, and this may be no different for grandparents. Welcoming a grandchild into the world can be a joyous occasion and new grandparents in Minnesota may wish to include these loved ones in their estate planning goals. There may be numerous tools in estate planning that could help grandparents pursue similar endeavors. 

Estate planning topics 

New grandparents who wish to update estate planning goals to include their grandkids may benefit from addressing a variety of topics. Knowing the options for leaving inheritances to grandchildren may be essential to making informed choices and tools such as trusts and wills may be just two types of options that might offer numerous benefits in this regard. Grandparents may also find it helpful to review beneficiary designations on their estate plans and on assets such as banking and retirement accounts, as updating this information to reflect one’s new wishes could be integral. 

Addressing topics such as inheritance and estate taxes could also play a vital role in helping prepare to protect heirs against similar concerns. Many grandparents may also experience a desire to help their grandkids pursue higher education and there may also be certain options to plan and prepare for such endeavors. Those who wish to take steps to preserve wealth may also benefit from knowing some steps to take to help their grandkids prepare to manage inheritances. 

Advice in the process 

There may be various types of tools available via the estate planning process to help one prepare to include grandchildren in their strategies for the future. New grandparents in Minnesota who wish to pursue similar goals but have questions about how best to approach the process might choose to speak with an experienced attorney prior to choosing a path. An attorney can assist a client in preparing to explore every available option and assist in updating estate planning goals to better reflect one’s current wishes and preferences.